The other module this term is the Fieldwork Placement.  This is not a fixed placement as I am already in a relevant job, but a report based on my work.

I’ve been thinking a little about how to go about it, and I reckon it would be useful to blog about my working day over a month.  Now, I realise that no-one is going to want to read a post every day about the minutiae of my job, so I think I will set up some weekly blog posts and fill them in as I go.  I think it would be valuable to do, because I tend not to think in terms of development over a small period, and it would be interesting to reflect on the daily work for once, rather than the big picture aims (although, natch, those will feature in the report too).

So, the plan will be (I’ll link to posts when I write them):

Week 1: Jan 31st – Feb 4th

Week 2: Feb 7th – Feb 11th

Week 3: Feb 14th – Feb 18th

Week 4: Feb 21st – Feb 25th