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Monday 7th February 2011

Annual Leave (post-Superbowl snoozing).

Tuesday 8th February 2011

Catching up on enquiries today.  I use a system in my emails, where I have folders for upcoming months, and move emails there if they’ll need action later, such as checking access to journals where there might be a grace period, or when I’ve been informed that resolving a problem will take a while (longest enquiry to date was the access enquiry that took 2 years to resolve!!!).

Tuesdays (well, alternate ones) are also my evening on the issue desk.  I quite like doing this, as it’s really valuable to see the enquiries that come in – my role is largely in the office, so I’m not really a first point of call in person.  It can be quite variable too – a couple of weeks ago, it was incredibly quiet, whereas today it was full of more involved subject enquiries.

Wednesday 9th February 2011

A while ago a colleague and I attended a training session on Moodle, a virtual learning environment.  I didn’t have much to do with using it, but occasionally get asked to provide links to e-resources for it, so I felt it would be helpful to see how it worked.  As a result, we were inspired to create a Moodle course describing how to link to e-resources.  We initially rolled this out to library staff so that anyone could help an academic, and created a slightly less reflective version for academics.  This proved useful, and a few months ago, we decided to focus on the one course for academics, rather than trying to maintain two courses.  Even this course needs updating, and my task today was to update the examples of linking.  Several publishers had changed their platform interface, some significantly, so new screen shots were needed.  I also added a link to my Ovid Link Builder, which was one of my first attempts at writing something useful in php.

Thursday 10th February 2011

It’s been rather quiet on the enquiries front for the last few weeks.  Not so today, as I had several.  Mostly the standard types of enquiries, but one did highlight a subscription that hadn’t renewed correctly.  We don’t check our e-journals in per issue, or even check access to all titles.  Experience has shown us that this is inefficient, although we do check changed packages and known recurring problems.  Mostly, we discover a problem with access as a result of a customer comment.  This may seem rather reactive, and we have certainly considered whether we are being too reactive.  However, to comprehensively check our whole collection would require manually checking around 15000 titles, which would be a whole year’s work that wouldn’t really help anyone.  I have looked at things like link sleuth, but they don’t tell you whether you have access, just whether the site is working.

Friday 11th February 2011

Today I had a couple of long conversations with colleagues about mobile devices.  This is looking to be our next hot topic, as we are getting increasing numbers of enquiries from users wishing to use a mobile device (e.g. phone, tablet or e-book reader).  The conversations were quite different though – one focused on the value of user consultation and highlighted areas in the university where academics are discussing these issues.  The other focused more on the technical side of things, and what our approach should be.  It seems like this would be a good area for a task group, our library’s way of tackling longer-term projects.


So, my first module has just been released, and I am disproportionately excited! I now know (vaguely) what I will be doing, and can at least get on with some reading. However, the book I need to read is an e-book. I’m not against an e-book, but I need a break from the screen, and print books are the way forward in that regard. So, back to Inter-Library Loans methinks.

It was fortunate I had moodle training today, I now understand the system a lot better than I did before, having created learning objects for myself.

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